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tomato haiku

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a local contest:  tomato haiku.  and i thought, why not?  a perfect writing prompt. unfortunately, my ability to even count accurately to 5 and 7 has been frustratingly difficult. so if there are one too few or too many syllables, blame the chemo.

tumbles of heavy juice fat
fruit in red and orange
mute tomato love untouched

cherry in size the number
uncounted weapons
fruit paint balls for little boys

so lovely in shape and curve
the color unmarred
but wait! a bite! which small child?

love apple streaks of green, red
sweet slices laid out
for a lover to enjoy

at 2 she wanders the rows
eating beans peppers
tomatoes drip from hand, mouth

white tomatoes ghostly fruit
are you meant to be
eaten or just exalted

the plants died tomatoes left
half-grown not yet red
the culprit? a black walnut

Written by senua

July 17, 2009 at 11:23 pm

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Quietly She Sleeps

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quietly she sleeps
in the high mountain of dreams
winter in her soul

The Snow leopard is found in high mountains in Central Asia. Its eyes are green. The snow leopard has a greyish white coat with rosetts. Of all the leopard family, snow leopard is the least aggressive and is very agile and excellent leapers. Snow leopard legends and myths are far and few between, giving an elusive and tantalizing quality to them.

Snow leopards prefer to inhabit steep cliff areas, rocky outcrops and ravines. Such habitats provide them with the camouflage they need to ambush unsuspecting prey. They stalk their prey and usually spring from a distance of 20-50 feet. Their long and powerful hind limbs help the snow leopard leap up to 30 feet, which is 6 times its body length. Mostly active at dawn and dusk, snow leopards are rarely seen in the wild. Unlike other big cats, snow leopards are unable to roar. Solitary in nature, they pair only during the breeding season.

The Snow Leopard as a Spirit Animal, it usually means having strong intuitive faculties and heightened sensibilities. Snow leopard teaches how to make great leaps over new obstacles in life. It gives strength to clear out the haunts and demons within the mind and holds promise of new life, new perception and a renewed perspective on life.

There is also an old story of Milarepa, Tibet’s poet-saint, who was stranded for six months in the Great Cave of Conquering Demons. When his followers went to find him, they found he had been transformed into a snow leopard. The snow leopard is a totem that can reflect a renewed energy, ability, opportunity to conquer one’s own great demons.

“Conquer one’s own great demons” has been and continues to be a life long challenge.

— genece hamby, contemporary digital artist & poet

Green with Envy

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Faced with her own fears
she becomes green with envy
and hides behind it

She, Mother Nature
covers the pain in algae
makes no distinction

except for the eyes
as clear windows to the soul
that strive to take root

— genece hamby, contemporary digital artist & poet

Another Collaborative Post

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My friend, Shiloh, (you remember Shiloh, right?) introduced me to some challenging and lovely forms of the art of Haiku,   It started with her asking if I had ever heard of a Chain Lanturne Haiku.  After she showed me her writing. I suggested we each write a chain on the same general subject, since Shiloh had already written one, I followed the basic imagery she created and went from there.

We researched the form at the following links:,%20Tanka,Lantern,Chain%20Lanter

Poets and Poetry

Shadow Poetry — Resources — Haiku and Senryu


So, with all of this crowding about and vyiing for your attention, here are our attempts.


black and
yellow body,
settles on red

brilliant red
petals swirling

ere night falls,
petals close in,

near full moon,
silver blossoms’
Gwen M. Myers 


on a yellow

sets, pink,
orange paint the

a new day
with a pearly

open, a
yellow jacket

falls, the
rose gently
closes. Pleasant

orb hanging
o’er high mountain

Shiloh Cannon Blackburn.

May 25, 2008

You can also see Shiloh’s post at:


I hope you enjoy both posts, and want to come back for more!!

Written by gwenguin1

May 27, 2008 at 2:54 am

Sacred by the Sea

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sacred by the sea
stands crisp white sanctuaries
built on memories

of Minoan past
and heavy volcanic ash
layering the land

once believed to be
home to the Atlanteans
of sky and water


this enchanted shore
where fishing vessels
wait and pray often


the Gods rest quietly
on buildings stacked upon high
cliffs of change and dreams

–genece hamby, contemporary artist & poet (image painted by Genece)

Written by Genece Hamby

May 19, 2008 at 7:27 pm