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Another one for the kitty lovers…

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by Kerry Vincent (c) 2003

If I had another 9 lives to live….

I’d eat more kitty treats and roll in more catnip;

I’d hide under more beds and shred more lace curtains.

I’d take more naps and bask in more sunbeams;

I’d chase more dust bunnies and eat breakfast twice.

I’d wake my human earlier each day

And look betrayed when we arrive at the vet’s.

I’d glare at more toddlers and swat at more dogs

So everyone would know I rule my home.


If I had another 9 lives to live

I would demand more petting,

Enjoy more ear and chin scratches,

Even roll on my back for more belly rubs.

I would shed more hair on the clean laundry

To freshly mark my territory.

I would grace more laps, pillows, and beds.


I would never let another day go by

Without a good, long, loud, deep



Written by kvwordsmith

May 27, 2008 at 2:43 am