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Lemurian Portrait – Ebony Wilder

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“Ebony Wilder,
Riversleigh housekeeper,
silver-y hair, blue hat,
 shells green peas,
with tea and sympathy,
orange frock,
and blue trim. 
Dreamy voice,
spinning tales,
stories emerge –
peas from the shell.
Ebony Wilder,
dropping surprised peas,
red ceramic bowl in her lap.
Green peas,
high seas,
sailor songs
of trea-che-ry,
china laden
wooden shelves, popping peas,
tales of high seas.”

(Lemurian Portrait – copyright Imogen Crest 2008.)

(Ebony Wilder, the Ms Marple style housekeeper of the Lemurian Abbey and Riversleigh Manor, is mild mannered by day. But you do need to know that Ebony has long associations with a smuggling ring and had connections to dubious seafaring types from China who purport to have bottled the Elixir of Creativity. Ebony is none other than the notorious Captain Ebony Wilder, whose exquisite mind and swashbuckling style was the talk of the Lemurian Seas, created by Heather Blakey, copyright image 2008.)

Written by imogen88

April 6, 2008 at 2:10 pm