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Dreams for Sale!

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The sleepy basket girl
walks through the pink Lemurian mist
each early morning,
singing out, in a sweet alto voice,
“Dreams for sale!
Look in my basket,
full of pretty dreams!
Pick any one you like!
Only cost you a quick kindness,
don’t cost nothin’ to look!
Old dreams, new dreams,
anything you can dream of!
Anything can happen today
in the City of Ladies!
Come on, now, my dears,
you beautiful Lemurian dreamers,
Try one of my fresh dreams right now –
today could be amazing! (Stay tuned…)”
And where she walks she leaves a magic trail
of pink and purple glittering pixie dust,
a few sand dollars, some pretty shells,
the heavy, sweet scent of longing
for what could have been,
and just a hint of what may yet be…
by Kerry Vincent (c) 2008

Written by kvwordsmith

June 25, 2008 at 11:30 am

Sister Basket

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Sister Basket

For Tahirih – Poetess

My sister made me a basket

Woven in a rainbow garden

Where petals soft and warm

Didn’t want to fade in the sun.

She could enchant any carpet snake

Yellow or black

They’re still swaying to her music’s tack

Forward and back, forward and back.

Light sang of colours woven into a spirit kite

Skimming the river of rainbow sisters everywhere.

Her basket of poetry was tossed

Into the centre of the sun

There it burnt strong and true

Until red flames became blue.

The Faith in her basket

Said “Send me to the sky

I’ll come back like a Phoenix just you wait”

She danced around a square and found

She couldn’t really fit.

She found a circle and could not


But nine doors of a temple opened out

And she found a basket woven in a daisy,

Wrapped in a rose.

It was no time to pose

No time to fade in the sun.

She sang a song that spiralled out

Into her rainbow garden

Left petals soft and warm

On the path that she first laid there.

(c) words and image all rights reserved gumbootspearlz

Using Kerry’s prompt

If you want to know who Tahirih was try these links- she was an awesome poetess and historical figure.


More of June’s Work can be found at World Citizen Dreaming

Written by June

June 25, 2008 at 3:30 am